inTouch SDK

The power of Bluetooth built into your app
Integrate our inTouch SDK into your own mobile app to send out proximity based information to your users. Integrating the inTouch SDK gives you access to all of the features of the inTouch platform, including hosting and access to our inTouch server.

Do you want to have your own custom app but need some help? We can work with your team to create your proximity based app built around the inTouch SDK.

Do you have questions about our products or ready to get started? Our inTouch SDK is sent out on a per request basis. Fill out the form below to get started!

Notifications sent directly to your users such as text, videos, or images.
Can be customizable to show different location based information based on your use case such as campus maps or notable pieces in an exhibit.
Business profile information that pulls to the Places feature. Can be customized to display information relevant to your use case such as different bands at your music festival or speaker locations at your training.
Ability to use additional beacons to send out separate pings that could be part of a tour or sequential. This is a great way to provide information on walking tours or introduce gamification at your conference.
Ability to share news related updates on the app homepage. This is a great way to share important information such as road closures in your city or upcoming events at your university.
Content management system access and statistics
Ability to load content, manage beacons associated to your account, and see user statistics such as most popular beacon and length of stay.
Access to inTouch server
Creation of user accounts.
Ability for users to create their own accounts via email information.
Hosting of smartphone app and mobile content management system
Production server
Ability to develop in own production environment. This keeps inTouch and your own app separated in all aspects.
Customizable color and logos
Ability to add in your own branding and imagery.
Custom beacon IDs
Ability to have separation from inTouch beacons so your users will only get your beacon pings.
Customizable beacon filters
Ability to customize beacon filters to be applicable to your user base such as restaurants or recreational activities.
Customizable pings and notification frequency.
Ability to alter the type of pings that are sent to your users. Can also customize how your users will be notified when they get pings.
Ability to integrate the inTouch app framework into your own mobile applications.
Custom app with your brand design in App and Google Play store.
Ability to have your own app, logo, and information in the app stores, separate from the inTouch app.
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